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  Media we transfer
  • Audio Cassette Tapes    
  • Micro Cassette Tapes
  • Mini Disc Transfer    
  • Reel-to-Reel    
  • Audio Editing        
  • CD Backup
  Our transfer process  
  All media is inspected and cleaned when possible, to ensure the best quality transfer. Vinyl records are cleaned with a special solution to remove any dirt and oil build up, along with dust particles that may have built up over time. This is a crucial step in our transfer process, not only does it give you a better final product;it also to helps maintain our audio equipment.


  What you get  
  You will receive your audio on either a playable audio CD, or digital files: WAV or mp3. All audio discs hold 80 minutes total, if your audio cassette tape or reel to reel media runs longer than 80 minutes then the audio will need to be split between two CD's at no additional charge.  
Audio Transfer Pricing
Audio Cassette Tape 0-60 minutes to CD
Audio Cassette Tape 60-120 to CD
Audio Cassette to CD & MP3
Add $5
Reel to Reel - Less than 1 hr
Reel to Reel - 1 - 2 hrs
Reel to Reel Over 2hrs - $15 per hr charged after first two hrs
CD Ripping to Digital to MP3 or WAV
CD Ripping to Digital to MP3 or WAV - Burned Discs
Additional Copy of CD
Video Transfer
Film Transfer
Photo Scanning
Negative Scanning
Audio Transfer
DVD Video Slideshow
CD Backup
Convert Your Audio
Photograph Scanning
35mm Slide Scanning
Cassette Tape to WAV
Birthday Celebration
CD to MP3 Transfer
Audio Cassette Transfer
Damaged Photo Repair
Stereo Slides to JPEG
Audio Cassette to CD
Graduation Party
Cassette Tape to CD
Audio Conversion
Reel to Reel Service
CD Archiving
Wedding DVD
Audio Digitization
Scrapbook Scanning
Medium Format Scanning
Audio Transfer
Funeral Tribute
Audio Cassette to WAV
Cassette Transfer SF
Large Format Scanning
Business Presentation
CD Backup
Reel to Reel Transfer
Color Correction
Analog Media Transfer
Micro Cassette
Reel to Reel Conversion
Image Repair
16 bit or 8 bit TIFF
Reel to Reel Transfer
Bar Mitzvah
Audio Cassette Transfer
1/4 Inch Reel to Reel
Photograph Repair
110 Format Scanning
Audio Editing
Bat Mitzvah
HDV to Blu-Ray
Cassette Transfer
Digital Touch-Up
126 Format Scanning
Oakland Media
School Project
Micro Cassette Transfer
8mm Film to MOV
Digital Restoration
Super Slide Scanning
CD Duplication
Business Presentation
4187 Piedmont Ave
Oakland CA 94611
San Francisco Bay Area
Transfer Service  

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