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  The future is digital.  How many times have we heard this?  But it’s true.  The preservation of the past for the future is necessary if you ever want to revisit those good ol’ days that have been recorded on film, slides, video and photographs. Going digital has many benefits
  Enhance your images

Once you've downloaded your pictures to a computer, you can have all sorts of fun with photo-editing software. Cropping, lightening, removing red-eye, boosting the colors and a whole raft of other clever functions are available to help you enhance your pictures.

You don't have to be a computer whiz either most new digital cameras come complete with easy-to-use software to help you get started.

    audio cassette tapes broken

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  Share and store images

digitallyOnce your slides, negatives and photographs are converted to digital you have various ways of sharing them with family and friends with just a few clicks of the mouse. Shutterfly, Facebook, and Picasso are a just a few of the on-line sites that allow you to post and share your images with family and friends. And if you don't want to use the social networking sites, no problem, you can just e-mail the digital images if you only want certain people to see them.

Get creative

Another benefit of having the images and videos digitized is that you can get creative with those files afterwords. Putting the images on mugs, t-shirts, and mouse pads are just a few of the creative things you can do with your digital images.


Unfortunately disasters happen that can damage your media, including fires, flood, spills, mold, among many other things. And although we can't always prevent disasters, we can do our best to minimize the damage. Digitizing is a good way to protect your memories and save them in case of disaster.

Once a photo is digitized, you can:
  •         Email a copy to anyone
  •         Post photos on social media web sites
  •         Reprint the photo to give away hard copies
  •         Mail photos on a CD or USB thumb drive
  •         Make online back-ups of your digital copies for added protection
  •         Upload photos to family tree web sites like
  •         Print photos on products like t-shirts, coffee cups, and more.


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